Friday, February 25, 2011

Party On, Kids

I'm not sure whether to be amazed, envious or both, but spend a few minutes on blogs like Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas Events and Kara's Party Ideas and I think you'll agree that children's parties are becoming awfully fancy. Gone are the days where a few streamers and a bunch of balloons were enough, today's parties are hyper-themed with details that stretch from the decor, to food, to activities and over-the-top favours. Don't get me wrong, these parties are totally fabulous and look like tons of fun, but isn't it all a bit over the top for a child's party?

Take a look at this princess party for a three year old by Amy Nichols Special Events that was featured on Amy Atlas' blog:

And this circus themed party that Kara from Kara's Party Ideas put together for her two and three year old boys:

This was the dessert table at a five year old's 'Pamper Me' spa party, designed by Sparkling Events and Design:

As much as I love the idea of all out party planning (it is my job, after all) I can't help but wonder who these parties are really for. I had a mother tell me the other day at preschool pick up that she had hired one of Vancouver's top caterers to do the food and service for her three year old's party at the bouncy castle of all places. I'm pretty sure children are not going to enjoy a passed canape any more than say, a bowl of chips and a slice of birthday cake, so I must ask, is the goal here to wow kids or out-do the other mothers?

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