Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Supersize Baby

Spencer is a big boy. So big that at just eleven weeks he is well into 3-6 month clothing, busting out of everything far to quickly. I swear by the time a sleeper comes out of the wash and I go to put it on again - a cycle that lasts no more than a few days - it is already too small.

Spencer is roly. He has rolls on his rolls, three chins and dimpled hands. I can't help but feel proud that it's me who has made him this way since he has been 95% breastfed. We did start giving him formula on event days and now he gets a bottle in the middle of the night (that's another blog post...) but I am still impressed that for the most part it's the milk that I produce that has made our little boy so big and healthy. Spencer nurses with gusto and I am confident that this is just a window into how well he is going to eat. There will be no dancing around meal times with my little man.

Last night Spencer slept for nine hours. That's nine hours straight. Eloise was eleven months old by the time she slept that long AND she was eating solids! He woke up content and hungry (obviously) at 6:30am, Chris gave him a bottle so I could sleep longer and when I woke up at 8am he was ready to eat again. His days are an endless cycle of eating, smiling, laughing and sleeping. He is a chill, content baby and my only complaint is that he is getting too big too quickly. I feel blessed to have a good sleeper and eater after our challenges with Eloise but I am not ready for my little (big) baby to grow so fast.

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