Our Home

In June 2011 Chris and I decided to do something very unique: we bought a house with my parents.

We had been looking for a house that came even remotely within our budget - not an easy thing to do in Vancouver - when my Mom and Dad put my childhood home on the market. Their home sold very quickly and as we assisted my parents in the search for a new house we came upon a beautiful home in a great neighbourhood that could accommodate all of us. Sounds crazy? Maybe. But multi-generational living means that we can afford to raise our family not too far from where I grew up. And more than three years later I think it's safe to say we all still like each other.

With two completely separate living spaces, Chris, Eloise, Spencer and I have our home and garden on the main level and my parents have the top two levels. Once our family grows we will swap living spaces with my parents, creating a home that will serve all of us in the years to come. Our choice to buy a home together means that my parents will never miss a milestone, my children will grow up with their grandparents and we will all be able to take care of each other no matter what life sends our way.

I often blog about projects around the house because our home is forever a work in progress. Chris and I did a big overhaul of our space before moving in, renovating the kitchen, updating the bathroom and painting every surface, but there will always be more to do. 

You must check out some of the dramatic before images below, it was certainly a cacophony of bold colours!

Eloise & Baby's Room

From Baby...

To Big Sister

The Kitchen

Before we moved in


The Living Room

Before we moved in


Our {tiny} Bedroom 

Our {equally petit} Bathroom

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