Friday, January 21, 2011

Gender Specific

It's a topic often met with simple disbelief or sometimes even scorn, but Chris and I decided not to find out the sex of our baby before they are born (hey, that rhymes!). We have our opinions about whether this baby is a girl or a boy - actually, everyone seems to have an opinion - but this is one of life's only real surprises and we were willing to wait it out.

And I am so happy we have. Or at least I was until we started to shop for baby's layette earlier this month and discovered that finding gender neutral clothing for newborns is nearly impossible. Honestly, I have never seen so much frilly pink or blue boat prints in my life. Perhaps because I wasn't looking before, but people, this is really tough! We have had some success at Jack & Lola, Joe Fresh and Old Navy but the best and most exciting haul so far has come from my parents' basement in the form of hand-knit sweaters, crocheted bonnets and lovely little booties that my mom hung on to from our infancy.

Seriously, this sweater set could not get any cuter!
Beautiful, beautiful stuff that will never go out of style and in white, pale blue and yellow, these gems are definitely not gender specific. The best part? My Mom assures me there is more where this came from. Yay... bring it on, baby!

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  1. I understand the want to wait- but honestly I am just DYING for the chance to dive into the frilly, lacey, polka-dotted, pink headbands, jumpers, dresses and swimsuits!!! So please - Have a girl already!!!

    Only kidding- I'll love your child either way :)