Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lotions and Potions

During my pregnancy I diligently applied a skin toning oil twice a day to prevent stretch marks on my ever expanding belly. Not sure if lotions and potions of this sort actually worked, I picked up a product called Mother's Special Blend at Wholefoods because I could pronounce everything on the ingredient list and at $16.99, the price was right.

The good news? Mother's Special Blend did work! Or at least I like to believe it did because here I am ten days after giving birth with nary a stretch mark on my belly. Made of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E, this yummy product made me smell like white chocolate and helped my skin remain soft throughout pregnancy.

Now that Eloise is born I have been using products from Mamma Mio, a skincare company out of the UK. It's pretty expensive stuff but I was fortunate enough to receive their Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer and Skin Tight Toning Serum as a gift and have been enjoying both.

Now if only there was a miracle cream for everything else...

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