Sunday, January 27, 2013


{rockin' green}

I know this won't come as a surprise, but a pail of dirty diapers really smells. You can't smell them when they're in the pail - the liner and a tight closing lid keep that under wraps - but once a full bag a dirty diapers is ready to go into the wash the smell really is something. No worse than a sausage of dirty disposables leaving the Diaper Genie though.

After a while cloth diapers also develop a bit of an ammonia-y odor. You can try sunning diapers in mother nature's natural odor remover, but we don't see much sun in Vancouver winters so this isn't the easiest option for us. Instead, I've been using Rockin' Green Funk Rock to take the smells out of my diapers. This product can be used on other things that get peed on too, even for pet accidents. I wish I had known about this with Granby was a puppy.

Stinky diapers be gone, Funk Rock is a cloth diapering essential.

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