Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bedtime Babble

Now that I'm the one to put Eloise to bed I get to enjoy the babbling she does just before going to sleep which is equal parts hilarious and endearing. Bed time involves a number of very important components: a bottle of milk (must be warm), her chosen peeps, Piggy, Pengin, Teddy Bea, and three blankies named Big Cozy, Ittle Cozy and Sof Cozy. When she is finished with her milk she passes it to you with a simple, "thank," and starts in with her bedtime babble.

In her own words:

"Oh mummy snugga. Hiii mama, hiii cozy. Ittle cozy? No. Oh big cozy. Snugga."

Rolls around a bit, gets comfy.

"Aunty Di seeping. Maaaamaaaa ... snugga. Hi auntie Di, seeping her bed. Nighhh nighhh."

Rolls over and kisses my nose, puts her arms around my neck.

"Mama's here. Ehwheez snugga ith you. 'Snice."

Lifts the covers and looks underneath.

"Knees, unda there? Hi knees. Head, shoulda, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose."

Starts shuffling around, looking for the right peep and 'cozy'.

"Pengin pease."

I pass the Penguin.

"No Pengin."

He ends up on the floor. She finds her Teddy.

"Oh hi Teddy Bea. Miss you Teddy Bea. Nigh nigh. Sof cozy snugga."

She holds her teddy and the blanky close then lifts her head, kisses me on the lips and flops back down. She rolls around a few more times, sighs and then, silence.

I wouldn't trade special bedtime moments like this for anything.

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