Saturday, November 9, 2013

Here We Go Again

Just like with Eloise, this pregnancy started in equal parts delight and disbelief. Mostly because it seemed like we got pregnant just when we'd given up on trying, but also because it's really hard to feel pregnant when your jeans fit and your stomach is still flat. I took two pregnancy tests to confirm it and I stared in amazement as the 'plus' symbol appeared both times. The good news is that I now have good reason for feeling like hell for weeks with an insatiable appetite, constant nausea and utter exhaustion. Honestly, this wonderful surprise came up when we least expected it.

It is both hard to believe and so, so exciting that we will once more have a baby in the house now that ours is a self-described Big Girl. Eloise is going to be a big sister this spring with the predicted due date mid-May and we'll wait again until Baby's birthday to find out the sex. This time I can only hope for a birth more in line with what we hoped for of the first time, but like with Eloise, a healthy baby is all I want. We've been accepted at a highly regarded, nearby midwifery clinic who have delivered the babies of several friends and I must say, I am really looking forward to being pregnant again. You can remind me I said that when I'm 40 weeks pregnant and peeing every 15 minutes.

And, if you happen to be learning our exciting news this way rather than in person, please know that it's just because I couldn't wait any longer to share!

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