Monday, June 16, 2014

On Fathers

Yesterday was Father's Day and this post was supposed to go with it. Alas, here I am a day late (typical) but I'd still like to share some big love for the Dads in my life.

First, there is my Dad. He is supportive and generous, goofy and kind, and has always been my number one cheerleader. My Dad is an incredible Papa to Eloise and the first person she asks for when it comes to having tea parties, taking trips to the park or creating masterpieces on the sidewalk with chalk. He often appears at our door to find out if there is anything he can do for me at that perfect moment when Eloise is whining, I'm working on a deadline and Spencer just won't go down, saving me from a full-blown meltdown. Watching my Dad as a grandpa just makes me love him more. 

And then there is Chris. I don't think there are many Moms out there who can say that their husbands wake up an hour early every work day to fold laundry and do the dishes, prepare school snacks and make breakfast. When Eloise wakes in the night Chris often climbs into her single bed and stays there til morning when he wakes up to read books and feed her breakfast so I can get more sleep. As a Father Chris is an equal partner with the ability to do everything I do, even ponytails. Chris makes our lives a happier place and we're lucky to share it with him.

I am so thankful for the Fathers in my life and hope that they know, everyday, what an incredible job they are doing. 

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