Thursday, May 7, 2015

Never Still

that is a look of determination.

To say Spencer is busy is an understatement, he is a maniac. He crawls wildly around the house, making a b-line for anything and everything he can: the fireplace, electrical cords, the dog's water, the contents of cupboards. I feel like I say no a hundred times a day and Spencer just looks at me, smiles and continues doing what I've asked him not to. I don't know if there is enough baby proofing to prevent Spencer from getting into things. He. Never. Stops. Moving.

As busy as he is, if Spencer had his way he would be held by me constantly. I do my best to keep him occupied on the ground (and out of danger!) but within minutes he will start whining, looking for me and climbing my legs as soon as I'm near. I spend much of my day carting Spencer around, and that means carrying a quarter of my body weight on one hip while trying to do things with the other arm. And then there is his long reach - he is grabby and curious and will nearly jump out of my arms to get something he wants. My reflexes have become pretty sharp these days. 

The only time Spencer is still is before he goes to sleep. He curls his long body around me, has a bottle and then nurses to sleep. We start our days this way too, when Chris brings Spencer into bed to nurse and snuggle for a few minutes before another crazy day begins. My milk supply may not be plentiful but Spencer still wants to breastfeed and I don't think either of us are ready to give it up yet. The quiet moments are something I cherish with my busy boy.

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