Friday, September 24, 2010

Do I really need...

... an infant car seat?

I have been told that when you have a newborn who sleeps no more than hours at a time transitioning baby from place to place in their infant car seat without having to wake them is pure bliss. 

And I also understand the convenience of an infant seat - one which clips onto the stroller, into the car and lifts off to be carried into the house - but plenty of research has shown that a baby should be in their infant seat for no more than 30 minutes. In fact, some medical research explains that babies left in their carriers in a "scrunched" position for too long are at risk for breathing problems and digestion issues.

This leads me to question even bothering with an infant car seat when I can instead purchase a convertible car seat like the Britax Advocate which is designed to grow with your baby from five to 65 pounds.

The Britax Advocate
At around $360.00 it's an expensive choice, but the benefit of a top safety rated car seat that will last us four years or more far outweighs the price. What are your thoughts? Infant or convertible car seat?

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