Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hunger Strike

Munching toast. 

Eloise has been teething for months on end now. Just when we've gotten over the worst of it with one tooth, another pops up to wreak havoc on my poor baby's mouth. Teething sucks for all of us and has been the most disruptive part of Eloise's first year.

In the wake of a new tooth Eloise gets really particular about what she'll eat and what she won't. The other day she refused to eat anything so I just kept feeding her Mum-Mums. Several packs later she finally caved and ate some fruit, but it was a tough day. Another food to save the day? Buttered toast. She LOVES buttered toast. There are more nutritious foods I could choose, but toast is one of those perfect comfort foods so I can totally see where she's coming from. And it's not like she's eating Wonder Bread with margarine... I've come across a wonderful, healthy and delicious bread from a brand called Rudy's Organic Bakery which has saved Eloise from hunger strike more than a few times. Topped with a tiny bit of organic butter it breaks up perfectly into little baby bites and keeps her occupied for a good half an hour too.

Have you got any foods that save the day when little ones refuse to eat?

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