Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Strolling Along

It's dorky to admit, but one of the first things I did upon finding out I was pregnant was start researching strollers. The stroller is a very important part of the baby gear puzzle! Along with a good car seat and crib, your stroller is one item you will be using daily, so you might as well buy a good one to begin with.

Last month I was fortunate enough to get a hardly used Maclaren Triumph from the family I nanny for. I could not believe my good luck when they offered it to me, and even more so when I opened the stroller up to see it was literally like new! This is the perfect second stroller for when baby is a little older.

Maclaren Triumph
In the meantime though, I have been eying a three-wheel stroller that is suitable from newborn to toddler and will take us from pavement to grass and gravel to trails. I love the Mountain Buggy, but was introduced to the Valco Baby Tri Mode Ex at Jack & Lola and instantly fell for it. The Valco has more bells and whistles than the sleek and simple Mountain Buggy as well as much more storage, a huge canopy, and tons of included accessories. It even folds in half rather than flat leaving tons of room for Mr. Granby to sprawl out in the back of the car.

Valco Baby Tri Mode Ex, what a beaut!
The best part? I found the exact stroller I've been lusting over on Craigslist, practically brand new for a fraction of the price. Fingers crossed, we may be making our first baby purchase!

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