Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Chris and I live very comfortably with our 60-lb dog in just 600 square feet. Even with our growing family we plan to stay put in our cozy digs for as long as possible. After all, people in Paris, New York and Tokyo make due with much smaller spaces quite comfortably, we can too!

"But where will you put the baby?" ask concerned relatives and friends. Actually, we plan on converting our master closet to a space we've lovingly renamed The Baby Nook. With the perfect amount of space for a crib, a shelving unit and lots of vertical space for a mobile, artwork, clothing et all, our baby nook will be a dream space for any member of the under two set.

But what about our own well curated wardrobes? We plan on purchasing two, his & hers armoires (What! My very own closet space? How luxurious!) from Ikea and hanging on to the vintage highboy that I lovingly restored when we moved in a few years ago.

For inspiration on small space living with children, check out Apartment Therapy's OhDeeDoh:

I mean, seriously, what kid would not LOVE this space?

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