Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everyday Inspiration

As much as I relish in the comfort of Lululemon leggings and sneakers, I still consider myself to be a follower of fashion. Maybe not trends as much, but I do love knowing what the fashionable are wearing and try to incorporate a little of their gusto for style into my everyday (though not on Lululemon and sneaker days, clearly).

My favourite place to find inspiration and actually, Chris' too, is The Sartorialist. Created by the very talented Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist is a blog featuring images daily of fashionable people from around the world. 

A 'Sartorialist-inspired' image taken by my best friend, photographer Lindsay Skeans
I also enjoy browsing Easy Fashion in Paris which is similar to The Sartorialist in that it features street fashion, but this time only from Paris. One of the best parts of this site is that the creator names the subject and details what they're wearing too. C'est tres chic.

Other sites I peruse for inspiration are Sea of Shoes and Face Hunter. I highly recommend that you check them out.

The only problem with all of this fashion inspiration is that I end up creating a long list of "must have" items to obsess over. It's hard to know what I'll be able to fit into in the coming months, but shoes and bags seem to be a safe bet. Today, I think I've developed a bad case of black bag envy.

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