Friday, October 8, 2010

Do I really need...

... a diaper bag?

I mean a proper diaper bag, one meant especially for babies. I have looked, and while some diaper bags are okay, most are pretty ugly and don't interest me. I would make one exception for a diaper bag by Louis Vuitton, but at about $2,000 it is totally out of the question. Can't I just forgo the diaper bag and purchase a big purse instead?

My thought is that a Longchamp Planetes, made of sturdier nylon than Le Pliage with leather straps, would be a perfect choice. I also found a company called Pishposh Mommy that makes diaper bag inserts specifically for moms who would rather carry a handbag for their baby gear.

Longchamp Planetes Handbag
Pishposh Mommy Diaper Bag insert
Chris found a diaper bag that he loves by Scout from Petunia Pickle Bottom, but it might be just a tad too masculine for me.
Scout Journey Pack Compact
Have you got a diaper bag that you love and would recommend? Or do you agree that I can skip it all together in favour of a designated baby bag?

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