Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mom Blogs

The stylish family from Bleubird Vintage

I've developed a new appreciation for Mom Blogs. There are so many great ones out there written by truly dynamic women who share everything from fabulous finds to great ideas and the everyday triumphs and struggles of motherhood. My favourite Mom Blogs also encompass a fashion and design element, and I can't help but take inspiration from them daily.

Bleubird Vintage
This blog by a super stylish mom of three inspires me to take off my sweat pants and put on something cute, even with a growing belly. As the owner of a vintage boutique, it's no wonder this blogger focuses on fashion, but my favourite element has to be the photos of the writer and her beautiful family with details on what they wore.

Design Mom
Written by a mother of six (who makes time to keep up a fabulous blog?! Wow.), this blog features great ideas on design for kids and families, wonderful homemade projects and anecdotes on being a mother to children aged baby to pre-teen. 

Oh Happy Day
I'd say this is more of a design blog written by a mom than a mom blog, but I came across it when searching for inspiration for our Nook so I'll consider it a mom blog all the same. What's more, the writer is another girl-Jordan, who happens to be event planner and loves Paris as much as I do!

From the uber-talented team at Apartment Therapy, this blog is an awesome resource for everything kids. I love finding out about new kid-friendly furniture and checking out nursery ideas on their Nursery Tours. Maybe the Nook will be worthy of a post once it's complete?

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