Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do I really need...

... a baby bouncer/ rocker/ lounger?

I've been told by a number of mothers that if I hope to shower while our baby is a newborn I'm going to need a baby bouncer. This isn't an item that I was planning to buy, but when I think about the logistics of having the baby in sight while showering, prepping dinner or completing other mundane household tasks, a bouncer does make a lot of sense.

After a bit of research I've learned that bouncers do not have to be a huge investment or take up too much space, but that they are often very ugly. Frog prints, cartoon ducks, garish colours and battery-operated doo-dads prevail in the world of inexpensive bouncers, but all is not completely lost. Baby Bjorn has a simple bouncer called the Babysitter Balance, there is a stunning rocker by Bloom called the Coco Stylewood and even stroller-maker MacLaren makes a nice, simple bouncer called the Vida.

The Babysitter Balance Bouncer by Baby Bjorn

The Coco Stylewood Rocker from Bloom

The Vida Bouncer by MacLaren

I did say that a bouncer doesn't have to be a huge investment, right? Unfortunately this is wrong if like me your top pick is undoubtedly the most expensive... Bloom's Coco Stylewood weighs in at an unreasonable $240.00.

Looks like I won't be taking many showers come April!


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