Friday, February 4, 2011

Wall Decor

I love the whimsy that vintage wall art gives childrens' spaces but I cannot imagine putting holes in the freshly wallpapered walls of our Nook. We do have a teeny bit of space for art on the painted wall though, so Chris and I picked up three cheap and cheerful 4x6 frames from Ikea last week. But what should we fill them with?

I've been visiting Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh for inspiration as usual and their blog awards, "The Homies" (word), pointed me in the direction of multiple drool-worthy Kid Design blogs. One of my favourites from the pack is Modern Kiddo and their posts on vintage books got me thinking that framing the pages of a book may be the perfect solution to art for the Nook.

Richard Scarry books were a favoutite of mine and my brother's as a child, and how cute would this lively image look in a frame?

Or Madeline, the lovely book by Ludwig Bemelmans:

It may be a bit overdone, but I still love the look of Dick and Jane books: 

I think I've just inspired myself to take a wonder into the cavernous used bookstore across the street and maybe even surprise Chris with a finished project when he gets home from work!

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