Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moving Up

Chris and I are in the process of talking real estate. We have been so happy in our cozy little apartment, but in the next year or so it will be time to uproot and settle into bigger digs. And by bigger I mean a 'whopping' 900-1000 square feet, which is all we'll need for years to come.

When we bought our apartment three years ago it had been flipped to sell by the previous owners, so we are essentially the first to live in the space. It has not been without it's struggles after three imposed 'renovations', but we have also been spoiled by a truly gourmet kitchen, heated bathroom floors, good closet space and nice details throughout (gotta love those crown mouldings). We can see the ocean from our living room and live in a walkable, up-and-coming neighbourhood, so it's hard to think where we should go from here.

The thing that excites me most about moving is getting to decorate a new space. It's unreasonable to expect that our budget will allow for all of the luxuries we've enjoyed in our current apartment, but I'm actually looking forward to meeting the decorating challenges that come with perhaps an older kitchen, smaller rooms and even less storage space. I am also excited about one day being able to create an awesome shared bedroom for two children, like these posted on Nursery Notations:

A fabulous shared girls room featured in Spain's El Mueble Magazine.
Also from El Mueble, this could work for a brother and sister.

I happen to love the look of painted kitchen cabinetry, so if we were to end up with ugly cupboards I could only dream that a few coats of paint and some new hardware could give me a kitchen as cool as this one from Style at Home:

Paint, hardware, modern appliances and you're good as new!
In the meantime, Chris and I continue to enjoy what we have and hope that our new arrival loves their first home as much as we do!

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