Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Progress

My blog posts have been sparse these days. Between caring for Eloise and helping to unpack and clean at the new house (I did the entire garage solo!), my days have been very full. By the time five o'clock rolls around and Chris finishes work, our routine has become making dinner, watching a movie and going to bed. We're not the liveliest group these days.

We have also been keeping busy with kitchen renovations at the new house. The old kitchen was dark, dingy and dated with peeling, builders' grade vinyl cabinets and older appliances in poor repair. Add to this a very strange layout (notice the 'unique' microwave cupboard and refrigerator next to the front door...), fluorescent lighting, and the ugliest colour scheme you have ever seen, and we knew we'd be starting from scratch. And so, we've embarked on the design and execution of our very first kitchen renovation.



The demo was done a few Sundays ago by Chris, my Dad and our good friends Lanny and Liam. If it wasn't for this extreme team the kitchen progress would be no where near where it is today, which is completely empty. We can't thank you enough L & L!

Liam hard at work.
My Dad and Liam survey the progress.
Painting is underway and we're in the process of getting quotes for extending the gas line so we can put in a gas range. There are so many little things to think about that everything seems to be crawling along. Is it bad to admit that I'm feeling impatient already?

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  1. Don't be impatient! I'm sure it will come along nicely. Slow and steady wins the race! xo Jorlex