Thursday, July 21, 2011

Online Mags

I eschew the idea of an e-book and will never give up my library card, but there is something quite wonderful about online magazines. I like that they are interactive, with links to the products you see on their pages, and environmentally much more responsible than their paper siblings. 

Reminding me of the beloved - and sadly departed - mags Domino, Blueprint and Wish, I love reading 'cover-to-cover' issues of Rue and Matchbook for inspiration and ideas. Dabble is another fun e-zine and just so happens to feature the work of my very talented girlfriend, Lisa Canning, a designer and the market editor for the magazine. Wedding magazines are also going viral and Real Weddings can now be read on the internet too (shameless self promotion: one of my weddings is featured in the current issue. Possibly on page 37. Or something...).


How do you like online magazines? And what about that e-book you've got tucked in your carry-on... tell me, can you still see the pages while lounging in the sun?

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