Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kitchen Confidential

We have a kitchen! (well, almost)

Over the weekend, Chris and his cousin, Anthony, installed our new IKEA kitchen cabinets and set the appliances in place. Anthony just so happens to own a company out of Victoria called IKAN Installations which specializes in IKEA kitchens, so we were lucky to steal him away from work to utilize his skills and expertise for a few days. Without Anthony it would have taken us months to get our kitchen to this point.

Day 1 - Base Cabinets

Day 2 - Doors and Drawer Fronts

The granite fabricator was in to take measurements yesterday and next week the countertops will be installed. Over the weekend Chris and I will hopefully be putting up some lights, selecting our backsplash tiles and figuring out just how to hang our gargantuan range hood. We also have to put together our new bathroom vanity - which will get a granite top too - and line up a plumber to come in to get the kitchen and bathroom sinks running.

Our livingroom is currently a sea of cardboard and it's hard to imagine that everything will be finished so that we can move in in a few weeks. Right now I thank goodness for the solace of our condo.

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