Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Can't Jump Rope

Mom + Baby Bootcamp, a great way to get in shape.

I like to think I am good at many things. I have a sense for colour and design, a keen eye for fashion, I make really good salad dressing and a mean chocolate fudge cake. I am not, however, particularly skilled in the athletics department.

I recently joined a mom + baby fitness class through Fit 4 Two which is forcing me to get out there and get myself into shape. Though I've always been active, I have never been one for working out - save for a brief stint in university - so this bootcamp-style workout is seriously kicking my butt. Also, I seem to have missed the childhood lesson on jumping rope, which is actually quite embarrassing.

When it comes to things like this it makes me think perhaps I missed some important life skills by refusing to play sports as a child. In addition to jump rope, I am also unable to catch a basketball or throw a baseball further than 10 feet. I'm not a very good, nor fast, runner, I feel content doing the 'doggie paddle' and I highly doubt my tennis game will improve beyond a few rallies. So really, it's no wonder I was not a popular choice for group sports in PE.

Oh well, at least I've always been a good cheerleader.

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