Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Teeth

Sophie la Girafe by Vulli

Eloise is teething. She is fussy, cranky and not interested in spending much time with anyone besides me. But it's no wonder she's out of sorts because can you imagine how hard teething must be on a little baby's system? Think of it, when we have an ache or pain we can take a painkiller, but babies just have to work through it.

I've been trying out all sorts of things to keep Eloise happy throughout the day and find that giving her something to mouth has been the best. A cold facecloth, my finger, and toys, she loves her set of teething links and most recently, Sophie la Girafe. Just about every baby I see has a Sophie and now I know why: she's easy to grasp and feels good on their sore gums. I like Sophie because she's a classic toy (born in Paris 50 years ago!) and is made of natural, Hevea rubber.

Once this first tooth makes it through Eloise will be much happier. Me too.

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