Thursday, October 25, 2012

Craving Colour

I love the look of our home but things have gotten, well, a brown. Brown isn't even a colour I really like, but somehow our living room is nothing but: a brown chenille couch, a teak coffee table, a burled walnut armoire, a taupe chair. I finally found a sideboard that is the perfect shape, size and function (doors that fold totally in on themselves!) for the tv, alas, it too is brown.

I am craving colour. It doesn't help that the weather has gone from gorgeous to grey, but I have an intense urge to redecorate our very neutral home with colour. My plan for the sideboard is to paint it turquoise but I haven't had the time to pull everything apart in order to sand, prime and paint it. We also need more light in the living room and I am really missing the arc lamp that stayed behind at the condo when we rented it last year.

I need an instant solution. I am thinking a bright rug, some fun accessories and finally, a turquoise sideboard. Here are a few rooms I'm loving right now, see if you can spot the theme.



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