Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Breakthrough

As I mentioned, we have been having a terrible time getting Eloise to eat solids. No matter what is offered, Eloise's face scrunches up and shudders, eventually gagging and often throwing up the offending food. I don't get it, since when are pears offensive?

At first I made everything from scratch, obsessively following the "1 food, 4 day" rule of gently introducing non-allergenic foods one at a time. But after tossing too many bowls of homemade, organic food into the compost I decided to chill out, clearly Eloise was not interested in what I had to offer. I thought maybe it was a textural thing, so we alternated between smooth purées and small chunks hoping she'd find a pleasing texture. I even tried conventional 'baby' food - rice cereal, jarred veggies and teething biscuits - from the grocery store with even less success.

And then on Friday, a breakthrough! I decided to see how Eloise would feel about mashed, hard boiled egg yolk and not only did she not spit it out, she even swallowed! Not to say that she was entirely thrilled about the egg, but it was a breakthrough none the less.

Now onto vegetables.

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