Friday, November 11, 2011

Eight Months

Our little princess then and now.

It is hard to believe that eight months ago Chris and I were reveling in our first day as parents. Eloise was a delicate, dainty and very small baby adjusting to life outside the womb a month too soon. She was in a nursery with other preterm babies, attached to machines that monitored her heart, her breathing, tested her protein and sugar levels. I was recovering from a Cesarean. It was a scary, exciting and emotional time as we waited to find out when Eloise could be with us in our hospital room and how soon we could go home.

On those first days we marveled in the miracle of the life we created and continue to do so as Eloise grows. At eight months old she is joyful, energetic and strong-willed; she is quick to laugh, smiles at everything and babbles all day long. Eloise is the light in our life, but not just mine and Chris' - her sweetness is intoxicating and captures the heart of everyone she meets.

We love you, Eloise!

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