Sunday, September 16, 2012

We Used to Want it All

I was chatting with a photographer friend of mine at the wedding I did yesterday about the challenges of working from home with a child underfoot. She has a four year old and assured me that it gets easier as children become more self sufficient, but the constant expectation to be 'available' when you are home never changes. Actually, I am pretty sure that Eloise is more demanding when I'm trying to finish something, especially under a deadline. (Mom, I can see you smirking right now.)


Forget trying to work from home, every mom I know will agree that the simple act of taking a shower is nearly impossible with a toddler. Unless it is a total emergency (aka I haven't showered in a few days and have just come home from a run) a top-knot is my hairstyle of choice. Showering with Eloise present involves a game of peek-a-boo, the extended version of Old MacDonald (had a game farm) and lots of bribery. The only time I shave my legs is when Chris is home and I can lock the bathroom door.

So to my newly pregnant friends I would like to share the following advice for the next several months: take lots of long showers, blow-dry your hair (heck, straighten your hair!), pee with the door closed, eat your meals while they are burn-your-tongue-hot and sleep in every chance you get. Motherhood is the most amazing journey but there is something to be said about being able to pee alone.

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