Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Teeth Time

We started brushing our dog Granby's teeth when he was a little puppy. As a result, he comes running at the call of 'teeth time' and starts salivating before I can even get the toothpaste on the brush. Chris and I are diligent with our oral hygiene too, so I figured Eloise would be a natural. Not so.

Perhaps it's because we didn't introduce the toothbrush soon enough or didn't take teeth brushing seriously at the start, but brushing Eloise's teeth was a struggle akin to a WWE match. It upset me that brushing made Eloise cry and I certainly didn't want her to develop some sort of a complex because of traumatic teeth brushing experiences. Teeth brushing was getting to be as bad as cutting Eloise's nails, and anyone with a child knows that that is the worst job ever.

I decided that maybe Eloise just needed more incentive: a fancy brush, a fruity flavoured toothpaste and something to keep her occupied during the two-minute teeth brushing process. After a trip to the grocery store I came home with a tiny pink Piglet toothbrush, berry-flavoured natural toothpaste featuring Harriet from Franklin and Friends (Eloise's favourite tv show) and stickers. All three were a hit. The new toothbrush is the perfect size for her little hands and the sight of "He-it" (aka Harriet) toothpaste gets Eloise so excited to brush that the stickers have become obsolete.

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