Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tv Dinners

Every week Chris and I sit down to a PVR'd episode of Up All Night and laugh at the ridiculous similarities between us and the fictional main characters. Really it's the similarities between the show's characters, Chris and Reagan, and any new-ish, modern parents, but sometimes I feel like the show is written just for us.

Last week's episode opened with Chris and Reagan happily eating dinner in front of the tv. When their tv stopped working they were forced to sit at their actual dining table and converse, awkwardly. Chris and I watched this unfold as we ate dinner, in front of the tv. I'll admit, this is often where we end up eating. By the time we get around to dinner we've both had a full work day, it's after eight, Eloise is finally down and once we manage to throw a meal together we are both too tired to do anything but watch tv and eat before putting in a few more hours of work (studying for Chris, wedding stuff for me).

The last episode of Up All Night did remind Chris and I that we need to branch out of our evening 'routine' once and a while and this weekend we went tv-free. We cooked dinner earlier and ate all of our meals at the table with Eloise as a family. We had actually talked to each other and not just about Eloise or chores or the upcoming week. It was nice.

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