Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What We Wore for Family Photos

On Sunday we had a family photo session done with Cat Watson, a Vancouver-based photographer who I connected with through work. Cat has a really warm and wonderful way about her (she's a fellow mommy too) and Eloise was instantly comfortable with Cat and her camera. It turned out to be a beautiful - but very chilly - day and in just about half an hour Cat had what she needed. Perfect timing consider this was consequently the same time that Eloise started to meltdown.

I must admit I was rather stumped on how to dress for our family photo shoot without looking too 'matchy matchy'. I wanted us to coordinate of course, but not in the 'everyone wore jeans, white tees and bare feet' kind of way. Yuck. My colour inspiration for all of our outfits came from the wintery jewel tones in a red & navy plaid dress of Eloise's which I topped with a jean jacket to tone down the formality of the taffeta material. I wore an emerald sweater, a short black pleated skirt and a red plaid scarf, Chris wore a navy gingham shirt, a great sweater and dark denim, and Noodle sported his auburn-tinted winter coat (ha ha). I think our colours were perfect for the setting and the season.

Design Mom has some great tips on family photo shoots and I like this guide on Say Yes to Hoboken. Here are a few other colour combos I came up with:

I can't wait to share our photos with you!

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