Saturday, December 1, 2012

Superior Sideboard

You might remember my post about searching for the perfect sideboard and my quest for the right shade of turquoise to paint it. Well, I found the sideboard at my local Salvation Army and after going back and forth between a dozen turquoise swatches I ended up going with my very first choice, Benjamin Moore's Tropicana Cabana. I'm so happy I did; this turquoise turned out to be a near-perfect match to 'Tiffany Blue', a happy coincidence I'd say. I purchased pretty ceramic knobs to replace the brass hardware at Anthropologie and I'm happy to say that the newly improved sideboard is in place and looking fine.

Here's the before:

I was sold when I saw that this solid wood piece had doors that bi-folded and then totally back on themselves. It had creepy carpeting on the inside but at $15 I just couldn't pass it up. I would love to say that I painted the sideboard myself but I have already confessed that painting is not one of my strong points. Nope, it was my mom. The sideboard turned out perfectly because of all the time she spent sanding, priming and painting. And the carpet is gone too. Thank you Mom, you really spoil me.

Here is a progress pic:

And this is the finished product (I like how the paint changes in the light):

There is ample storage for media, books and E's toys.

This is how we did it:

Sideboard: Salvation Army Thrift Shop, $16.79
Paint: Benjamin Moore Advance in Tropicana Cabana, FREE (this can was comped for a mis-tint my mom had purchased for another project, but it's usually around $50 per gallon).
Hardware: Anthropologie, $26.88
Time: About one week with prep work, priming, two coats of paint and 4 days of drying time. And FYI, my Mom's time is priceless :)

TOTAL: $43.67

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