Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Chr - er - Santa,

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just over two weeks away! This year is going to be so special with Eloise and I can't wait to see her excitement on Christmas morning.  Her play kitchen is going to be spectacular!

I know that Christmas is about the kids but I thought I should mention that I've been really good this year too. In case you were looking for gift inspiration I've put together a wish list of items I've been coveting all year. Fingers crossed that I made your nice list!

Merry Christmas!
xo Jordan

A stylish waterproof jacket for rainy days at the park. 

A pair of chelsea booties.
 (With sparkle? Yes please.)

 A sauté pan for winter stir fries.

A bottle of my signature scent.

A lace peplum shell to wear with black trousers for weddings.  

A 21" drop bed skirt to completely cover the legs of our bed.

An emerald handbag. It's the colour of the year, after all.

And Santa, I know how much you dislike Christmas shopping (for items the Elves cannot produce) so here's hoping that my wish list helps take some of the shopping-stress away. If not, there's always my birthday :)

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