Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Disenchanted with Diapers

I don't know if it's because I want Eloise to potty train or because I am just bored of dealing with poop, but I am so disenchanted with diapers.

Our stash of cloth diapers has dwindled, many of the covers requiring new velcro tabs and elastic after being used and laundered every other day for 22+ months. Some of our diapers have held up better than others, but our heavy wetting kid requires a super diaper for naps and nighttime and we now have a limited few that do the job. Honestly, after too many leaks and wet beds I've succumbed to disposables for sleep. But guess what? We've discovered Eloise leaks through disposables too!

All this aside, we've had a wonderful experience with cloth diapers and I wouldn't change a thing. I have my favourite diapers and tools to make cloth diapering easier, so once again, here is what has worked the best for us.

Blueberry One-Size Pocket Diaper with hook/loop
I always recommend these diapers because they are a great fit and the quality is also unbeatable. Our Blueberry Diapers have been laundered the same way as every other diaper we own but they look nearly new. The elastic has stayed stretchy and tight and the hook/loop (aka velcro) is still sticky.

bumGenius Freetime All-in-One One-Size Diapers with hook/loop
We discovered these diapers too late because they are awesome and so, so easy to use. The liner is attached and does not need to be stuffed into a pocket before use, they simply fold one on top of another and boosters can be added for more absorbancy. My only concern with bumGenuius diapers is that the elastic and hook/loop have failed on many of our 4.0s which means a lot of fiddly repair work before our next child.

Wool Soaker
We need a wool cover for naps and bedtime because Eloise is a super heavy wetter. These covers absorb wetness and keep both Eloise and the bed dry, in theory. In reality, Eloise is such a heavy wetter that many mornings she wakes us with a wet diaper, cover and bed. These covers worked better when she was small and would be excellent for babies with more chub.

Wipes Warmer & Cloth Wipes
If you are going to cloth diaper it makes no sense to use disposible wipes. Actually, even if I didn't use cloth diapers I think I would still use cloth wipes because they are just that good. Think about it, if you have a spill and can either use a half piece of paper towel or a dish cloth, which is going to do a better job? The warmer itself acts as a storage container for wipes moistened with a solution of olive oil, baby soap and water, ready for clean ups. Plus, wouldn't you prefer a nice warm wipe at 3am?

Diaper Accessories
We have a few wet bags in rotation and they've been both good and bad. We started with two Kissaluv pail liners but one de-laminated so we replaced it with a Bummis wet bag, which also de-laminated. I can't say if one is better than the other but maybe the Kissaluv solely based on length of use. Our take along wet bags have been consistently great; we use one by Itzy Ritzy, and one by Bummis.

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