Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top it Off

I've been digging ball caps lately, but in a fashion-y way as I'm not much of a sports-woman. I think they look totally cool with a blazer and skirt and although I was met with rolled eyes when trying to explain this look to my girlfriends, today Holt's confirmed that I was right on trend on their blog, Holt's Muse.

{holt's muse}

I'd be faking it with a logo'd sports team cap but I could totally rock the orange Chanel one above and am keeping my eye out for a plain navy or black felt version. I'm happy to say The Man Repeller digs ball caps and Who, What, Wear does too. Three times a trend?

{who, what, wear}

So tell me, would you consider topping it off with a fitted ball cap?

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