Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good Mom, Bad Mom

Sometimes I feel like a pretty excellent mom. Eloise is happy, well behaved, our fridge is full of homemade goodies, she eats well, sleeps well and we spend the days reading, colouring and playing outside. Other times I guiltily put on the tv to distract her while I work, make her Annie's for dinner since it's the only thing I can ever guarantee she'll eat and sleep in her bed all night long.

Last week was quite possibly one of the most harried I have had in a very long time. Mornings were spent rallying between Eloise and my makeshift office (aka my computer on the desk in our living room), rushing off to pick up Molly, then heading straight to events in the evenings. Eloise's crankiness and demands from being sick and my exhaustion were not compatible.

Last week was definitely not one of my shining moments as a mom week but I feel like I am slowly redeeming myself. We had a tv free day at home yesterday, I made the most perfect Julia Child-esque omelette for lunch, and even restocked the fridge. Today went to gymnastics and music, came home for a two and a half hour sleep, had lunch at the table and I made a pot of chicken and rice stew for dinner. Eloise said, "Mama cut a leek," unprompted while watching me prepare dinner from her favourite vantage spot on the counter. Not bad for a child who's just come off a few-day stint of Mary Poppins and Eloise at the Plaza on repeat.

But want to take a guess what she ate for dinner? It wasn't the stew I prepared with organic veggies and chicken. It was yogurt. At least it was Greek.

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