Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh My Gosh

With Eloise's birthday last Saturday she received some really lovely gifts and certainly seems to have a handle on the awesomeness of this birthday thing. I agree, it is pretty great. Not only do people present you with gifts, there's cake!

The best part about Eloise's gift receiving were the expressions she used when opening her gifts. "Ohhh my gosh!" is what Eloise exclaimed as she pulled a new pair of rain boots and matching jacket out of the bag and "it's awesome!" was her response to a Thomas the Train that talks.

Add to these new expressions like "wonderful," "grrreeat!" and "so fun!" and I can hardly wait to hear what Eloise comes out with this Saturday at her birthday party. Her excitement is so genuine I dread the day when we hear the inevitable, "I already have this one!"

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