Sunday, June 16, 2013

Farm Girl

Someone suggested recently that I was definitely a country girl. Puzzled, I asked for clarification, "You know, like a tractor driving farm girl. Hay, gardening, big trucks and country music." Clearly this person doesn't know me very well.

My kind of farm is the type you visit for an afternoon and leave again, no hard labour required. Maplewood Farm, our local hobby farm, is the perfect little spot to play farm girl with beautiful cows, sweet donkeys, gentle goats, free-range chickens, docile bunnies and a boastful peacock. I've been coming here since I was a little girl and I love to see how Eloise's face lights up as soon as we walk through the gate. Even if she finds the cows "a wittle scary" (as she should, they're much bigger than she), traipsing through the grounds is a fun activity that keeps us busy for at least a few hours.

Before we stopped by the farm on our most recent visit we loaded a basket with kale from the garden for the bunnies. They loved it! Enough with the carrots, I'm sure they thought... this is the stuff! 

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