Saturday, November 23, 2013

8 weeks

8 Weeks

The interesting thing is, by the time you read this I will be newly into my second trimester and hopefully past the doldrums that come along with the first. Right now I don't look pregnant and I don't really feel pregnant yet either. The intense nausea of the past weeks has mostly gone and I am usually able to make it until 10pm before I need to go to bed. Save for constant hunger, bigger boobs (woohoo!) and some serious bloating around my middle, I'm pretty much just me, so this stage is really the hardest. You're also not supposed to tell people you're pregnant yet - though I never can manage to wait the full 12 weeks - so it's not like I've been able to publicly explain why I've been a little more than off for a few months.

We haven't told Eloise yet (remember, you're reading this a month after it was written) but I am pretty certain she knows something is up. I say this because she has been particularly maternal to her Peeps lately, carrying them around and playing mommy. She spent most of this evening tucking Piggy and Pengy into a handful of blankets in various spots around the house, carting two bottles and warning Granby in a very Mama-bear way to back off, the Peeps are asleep. She's going to be a great big sister. 

According to my Babycentre pregnancy app our Sea Monkey is now the size of a kidney bean and thankfully, it's tail is starting to disappear.

10 Weeks

Tired of constantly asking Eloise to stop crawling all over me, elbowing my sore boobs and bouncing on my tummy, Chris and I decided it was time to explain why. So we told her she was going to be a big sister and she followed up with, "the baby is in my belly!" Since then we've talked about the baby more and explained how once the spring comes this year she is going to be a big sister. This seems to make sense to Eloise because we recently borrowed a Franklin book from the library where Franklin had to wait for spring for his sister to be born; a perfect parallel. 

I'm still feeling quite tired and on top of pregnancy fatigue we've been battling a bad cold for a week now. Poor Eloise has had the worst of it, but I was in bed for two days as well and then Chris got it. I still don't have the energy to do anything really active and I've been super sluggish and lazy. I'm really looking forward to feeling like me again and I think I can almost see the light at the end of this first trimester tunnel. 

My belly continues to pop out little by little and my skinny jeans are no longer buttoning. I'm praying for a proper bump when I'm on the beach in Cabo in a month because at this point it still looks like serious bloat to the untrained eye. I decided to go through maternity stuff this weekend since I fear I am not far from maternity pants and I am super thankful for the vast maternity wardrobe I've accumulated. Renee, I owe you big, you've easily clothed me for the next six months. 

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