Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Back. Well Sorta

I am finally feeling like myself again. It's week 17 (and a half), I have more energy and am able to keep up without requiring a midday nap. We felt the baby move (actually, it all started with one swift kick) for the first time when we were in Mexico and since then every evening has had a performance of the belly ballet. The heartbeat was strong at the midwife last week and along with my growth, all is on track.

Other than feeling more like myself, I am feeling big. I think I am now about the same size I was at 27 weeks pregnant with Eloise and I have the photo to prove it. Nothing non-maternity fits anymore and I'm beginning to resent even my maternity jeans for that spot that digs where the denim meets the extended waistband. It's not great. Leggings are my current go-to but it's going to be a long and very boring five more months if that's all I can wear.

Apart from my limited wardrobe, I am feeling blessed to be having another healthy pregnancy. Eloise gets more excited every day to have a sibling and it's been interesting explaining to her - often - that no, the baby is not ready to come out yet and no, it won't be walking out and into her arms when it does. Though that would be an interesting birth...

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