Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Preppy Baby Names A-Z

Chris and I have been talking names for the new baby and so far we have only agreed on two possibilities, one girl and one boy. When Eloise was born we had three and three, and I'm happy we did because when we met her she was definitely not the name I was certain we'd choose.

We like preppy names, so when Town & Country recently posted what they consider the preppiest names from A-Z I took notes. Chris has already vetoed Sterling and Kendall, but the rest - okay, definitely not Binky, Chip, Godfrey or Tad - I consider up for discussion. A girl named Sloane is just bound to be cool. 

{town & country}

A: Ainsley, Ames, Ambrose, Aubrey, Atherton, Amelia
B: Basil, Branson, Bettina, Binky, Buffy, Brooks, Bronwyn
C: Corbin, Camilla, Chip, Carlton, Cricket, Cece
D: Dorian, Digby, Darcy
E: Emerson, Emmett, Elbridge, Easton, Ellison, Eliza
F: Ferguson, Flynn, Forrest
G: Georgina, Godfrey, Graham, Guy, Garrett
H: Henrietta, Hunter, Hayes, Hudson
I: India, Ingram
J: Jefferson, Jamison, Jasper
K: Kendall, Katrina, Kingsley, Keaton
L: Laurel, Lysander, Lachlan, Lucinda
M: Mackenzie, Malcolm, Morgan, Martha, Margaux, Mimi
N: Nathaniel, Niles
O: Orson, Oliver
P: Paige, Parker, Preston, Poppy, Philipa
Q: Quinn, Quentin, Quincy
R: Randolph, Roland, Royce
S: Sheridan, Sterling, Sloane, Skip
T: Tyler, Tilley, Teague, Trent, Tad, Tucker, Tinsley
V: Vernon, Vance, Violet, Virginia
W: Whitney, Whitaker, Wesley, Walker
Y: Yates
Z: Zadie, Zoe

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