Monday, December 30, 2013

Just a Spot

Just a drop of water or a spot of food and Eloise requires (nay, demands) a full outfit change. Wet or dirty anything has become an issue for her and I'm not entirely sure why. For all of my anal-retentiveness, a spill or a spot has never bothered me. I agree that wet socks are unacceptable, but otherwise I am the girl walking around with a spill down my front and hands spotted with paint. 

After Eloise demanded to change for the third time the other day (water, water, juice) I proceeded to spill curry down my white sweater and wear it with pride for the rest of the night, mostly to prove a point. My hope is that by seeing us get messy Eloise will realize that it's not the end of the world to spill something and maybe she'll even become a little more open to the messes of the everyday. I'm not suggesting she becomes a cheezie-dust-handed-sticky kid - we already have one of those in dog form - but she needs to realize that getting dirty can actually be fun. 

Eloise failed to see the point of me walking around wearing my curry and suggested I change my shirt. Immediately. 

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