Monday, January 20, 2014

I Miss My Boyfriend Jeans

Please don't think I take my opportunity to grow life for granted, but today I am feeling particularly plump and somewhat unhappily pregnant. It could be the weather, the required layers (due to the weather) or the fact that I washed the only pants I want to wear (ahem, leggings) late last night in order to wear them again today, but some days I just yearn for regular clothing. And today is one of those days.

Like boyfriend jeans with a blouse tucked in, or a skirt that sits at my waist and a crop top. And a belt! Oh, and stilettos too. I can't wear high heels for longer than a few minutes without my feet screaming at me to stop.

Basically, I want to dress like this (credit to my fave style blogger, Atlantic-Pacific. Girl knows how to dress!).

{1} {2}

It's amazing what a difference what you wear makes to how you feel. At my wedding on Saturday I wore a dress from Maternal America borrowed from my friend Renee (you're the best R!) and I felt good. My legs and feet not so much, but I stood a little taller knowing I was wearing something pretty. In my last pregnancy I ignored maternity dresses altogether as I was able to get away with wearing my regular clothing, but this time is different. I've also learned it really is much more comfortable when you're wearing something you don't need to worry about pulling up or down all the time.

I'd like to recommend that someone gift me this dress from Maternal America. A bit pricey for something I'll only wear for another four months, but think how pleasant I would be if I not only felt good but felt good (since cashmere is super soft and all)...


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