Monday, January 27, 2014

Yours, Mine, Hers

The sleep situation around here is not good. Eloise continues to sleep in our bed nightly and as I grow bigger, my ability to sleep comfortably is becoming more difficult. It's my own fault that we've gotten to this point but, dammit, I'm tired.

Chris remarks that in order for Eloise to sleep soundly throughout the night she must be able to touch one or both of us. Usually it's me, with her head on my pillow and her face pressed against mine, but she likes to keep tabs on Chris by draping an arm his way or digging her feet into the waistband of his pajama pants. Or Eloise sleeps full starfish above the covers, a hand or foot on each of us, resulting in no duvet for the left half of my body.

Eloise's requirements for a sound, full night's sleep also include a space-hogging selection of peeps, cozies and Baby Emma, Eloise's beloved baby doll who has a very hard, round head and pokey digits. Recently Eloise has been waking up in the earliest parts of the morning crying uncontrollably because one or some of her peeps are no longer right under her arm. I've designated Chris to find the missing whatever because by this time I've already woken up once with Eloise, twice to pee and am finally enjoying my first fully uninterrupted stretch of sleep. If Granby weasels his way up - only ever on my side - I throw in the towel and head to Eloise's bed.

Perhaps I'm enabling this manic sleep pattern to continue, but I'm really lobbying for a king size bed.

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