Saturday, February 8, 2014

26 Weeks

At 26 weeks pregnant - that's six and half months for those of you unfamiliar with pregnant-lady jargon - I am already quite big and uncomfortable. Those Charlie horses I was dreading have arrived, as has mega heartburn and back aches. After a long day my large belly leaves the spot at the bottom of my ribs and sternum feeling almost bruised and I am not sleeping well, partially because I have to share my bed with two other people, but also because my active bladder requires constant attention.

As I creep along in this pregnancy I am consistently grouchy and I've been doing a whole lot of complaining. I'm sorry friends and family, but I really appreciate your support even when I'm being a whiny baby. It's just that the thought of being pregnant for another three and a half months is exhausting and I must say I am hopeful that Baby Two decides to join us early like her big sister did. 

Here's something I'd love to know: how on earth do some women manage to be happily pregnant over and over? I have a girlfriend who just had baby number four while working outside of the home in a high pressure job, running her own business and continuing to be a doting mother to her three children and dedicated wife. Seriously? She is a saint. Most days I feel like I hardly keep it together with just one child, one husband and a business. Our first baby, the dog, has given up on me and just stares woefully at the door hoping if he does so long enough he'll get a walk. As much as I don't want to close the door on the possibility of more children, at this point I just don't think I ever want to be pregnant again. 

On the bright side, I am around 90 days away from meeting my second child. I am growing a healthy, active person who kicks constantly throughout the day and night and it's fascinating how I can feel their little body moving around. I haven't seen the outline of a hand or foot pressed up on my tummy yet (now THAT is surreal), but I can often feel their head or back press upas they do somersaults. The baby responds to certain music with extra kicks and I think it's safe to say we have another Beyonce fan here. How perfectly sensible of them. 

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