Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Spring

Last week's time change has really done a number on us. I find myself losing track of time with these lighter, brighter evenings and all of a sudden it's six o'clock and I haven't started dinner. Eloise's little clock is off too, and she now refuses to eat dinner at the time she usually does because the sun is still in the sky. "Silly, Mama, it's not dinner time yet!" she's been sayin to me. That's okay, we'll just call the barbequed chicken, broccoli and roasted potatoes I've just prepared your 'snack'.

Today was the first day of spring and we took full advantage of a beautiful day. A long walk with a friend and time at the park meant Eloise asked to have a nap and slept for two whole hours, long enough for me to get some work done and get going on a project for an event next week. It was pretty blissful.

Alas, the results of a long nap took much longer to wear off and we finally got into the bath at 8:30pm. Oh well. There's no school tomorrow and she's a happy camper, so I really can't complain. Happy Spring indeed!

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