Saturday, March 29, 2014

Head Down

I think we've confused Eloise a little when it comes to pregnancy. When we ask her if she thinks the new baby will be her brother or sister her answer is, "You're going to have a baby brother and I'm going to have a sister."

You see, Eloise's current understanding of pregnancy means that she thinks her round toddler belly is housing a growing baby just like my round belly. She lifts up her shirt to compare our baby bumps, talks to strangers about the baby growing in her tummy - "You know, I have a baby in my belly." - and likes that our belly buttons look remarkably similar (she has a natural outie, mine is basically just inside out). The biggest difference in our pregnancies is that according to Eloise her baby is going to walk out (just like that!).

With all of our talk about Baby Two's position and all the extra ultrasounds and appointments I've had in the process, it's no wonder that Eloise is starting to make her own judgement call as to how she is carrying the 'baby' in her belly. "Your baby is head down, Mama, mine is head up. It likes it like that." Maybe that makes it easier for baby to walk out?

Today I had yet another ultrasound and finally we got the news we've been waiting for: Baby Two is head down and expected to stay that way! The big lump of baby I can feel on the front right of my belly is the spine and bum, the constant movement on my left side are the legs and feet, and Baby is lying on their left side with their head down. I almost cried when the ultrasound technician confirmed this position today as it means that my chances of a natural delivery much likelier. Call it stroke of luck or my positive thinking paying off, with the head down things are looking up.

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