Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blog Crush: Kate's Creative Space

Sometimes I come across the creative works of other people, especially other moms, and I'm awestruck at how they manage to think up and produce such things of beauty. It makes me want to do more, try harder and really push the boundaries of my own creativity.

I was led to Kate's Creative Space by a post on Apartment Therapy and I am absolutely blown away at the projects she creates for her young son, her family and their home. Her writing is thoughtful and honest, her projects absolutely inspiring and her DIY tutorials generous. I will be tuning in here often for shots of inspiration; have a look and you'll soon see why.

How charming is this Parisian Food Shop?

{Food Shop}

 A hardware and gas station:

{Harry's Hardware}

And my very favourite (so far) on Kate's Creative Space is this sack to hold Christmas gifts delivered by Santa. I will be making this next year, thank you Kate for the inspiration and excellent how-to.

{Santa Sack}

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