Saturday, March 29, 2014


Eloise is constantly sticky, or so she tells us. In actuality she is a hand washing-happy kind of kid and her perceived stickiness is becoming a bit of a problem.

Eloise complains about being sticky approximately 30 times a day. She is sticky from eating cereal for breakfast, sticky after washing her hands, sticky when snacking on fruit and sticky as she helps me prepare dinner. What I think she confuses for stickiness is actually dampness - the way your hands are never 100% dry after using a hand towel - but try explaining that to an irrational three year old. Eloise's obsession with being, or rather not being, sticky is driving. me. crazy. 

My mom suggested sprinkling corn starch or baby powder onto just washed and dried hands to soak up any remaining dampness. After hearing "I'm sticky," and nearing my breaking point I remembered this trick and frantically searched for corn starch in my baking supplies. I didn't find any so I used baking soda. Then Eloise's hands were scratchy. 

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